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  • 2.500 mg MSM per serving
  • Vitamin C
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • Ideal for heavy weight training

Short description of MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

MSM is a natural sulphur component and is involved in a variety of metabolic processes. Despite its many positive properties, MSM is mainly used by athletes as a "joint substrate".

MSM is enriched with vitamin C and thus has been proven to contribute to normal collagen formation and cartilage function.

MSM has a very good price-performance ratio, but cannot match the Multi-Formula Arthro Stack.

What can I expect from MSM?

MSM provides your organism with an important sulphur component as well as a key substrate for collagen formation, which is important for the correct functioning of cartilage joints, bones, skin, teeth and gums.

Maximum overall effects can only be expected in the context of a joint conscious diet with many omega-3 fatty acids and less omega-6 fats, lots of collagen protein, fruit and vegetables as well as an additional supplementation (glucosamine, Ultra A-Z , DHA / EPA / GLA).

Functionality and mode of action of MSM

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur component naturally found in foods such as milk, tomato paste, onions and tea, as well as in the human organism. MSM is the substance that brings tears to our eyes when we cut onions.

Sulphur makes up about 0.25% of the human body and is a component of the proteinogenic amino acids cysteine and methionine as well as all peptides, proteins and co-factors based on them. In this respect, sulphur is a component of every body cell.

As a sulphur component, MSM is involved in a multitude of metabolic processes and is present in almost all body cells within 24 hours of consumption, where it unfolds its functionality.

MSM with the added vitamin C (100 % RDA) is an effective supplement that contributes to normal collagen formation in intensively training athletes, but also in all other people. This can support the correct function of cartilage and joints, teeth, gums, skin, blood vessels and bones. Furthermore, the formula is able to support the immune system and protect the cells from oxidative stress.

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